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"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others."

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You could be using a gratitude journal every day, and yet never find a connection with your world. This is because chasing wellness is futile if you don't have a solid understanding of your self. There are few gentle interventions that increase our quality of life. And having a grateful mindset is one of it. There's a reason why happier people are the stronger ones. And you can be too. The key is in realising that you don't get there by imitating them. You need to commit to building yourself a more beautiful life.

And, you’re sick of quick fix ideas found on social media.

You know fads don’t really work.


The hardest part is showing up. Together we will go on a 30 day journey to transform and embody the best version of ourselves.

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Tools that help you build a self-care and self-development plan that fits your lifestyle needs and preferences.

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As the founder of Revel, I regularly meet solution-providers and seekers of wellness tools. My professional life is mostly spent helping people (just like you!) kick start their wellness journey (with lots of casual convos) , so they can start crushing it in life. 

I remove the jargon and scientific terms from psychology and researches, to create simple, relatable and applicable ideas for your walk in wellness. 

Positive Psychology Specialist  · TRAINED in education + child psychology

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"Revel is truly a shop of heart and soul :) the items are always carefully curated and I tend to get lost on the website (and cosy shop) looking at their wide variety of thoughtful, mindful and meaningful books and stationery! Moreover, the founder is such a lovely person, someone both friendly and open-minded—it’s so easy to love Revel 💕" - Grace

"It’s so easy to love Revel 💕"

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Each journal is designed with unique and thoughtful prompts for the busy parent, along with open space for the creative.

Pregnancy & Baby Journals

With incredibly simple prompts, this structured journal is based heavily on positive psychology research. 

The 5 Minute Journal, from Intelligent Change

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