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  • Healthier Thoughts & Choices

    View life and the world in a balanced way - the positive, the negative and the neutral, before making decisions.

  • Stronger Relationships

    No more imbalance of power. You are able to respect independence without fear of retribution or retaliation.

  • Fulfilling Life

    Beyond success and moments of happiness. Filled with purpose and satisfaction, involving vision and alignment.

  • Whole-Person Health

    Be in a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being - not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

  • How it Works: Simple

  • Why it Works: Strategic

  • Proof in Works: Scientific

Discover ideas & solutions built based on The Science of Well-Being, including Positive Psychology. Scientific theories and application techniques were simplified, and then used as points of inspiration in the design of all our products.


Similar to the technique of incidental learning, every product & solution here is designed to improve your quality of life. By surrounding yourself with healthy reminders, you are strategically gearing yourself up for the good life ahead.

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Modern science has indisputably proven that journaling, planning and positive affirmations bring positive results: improvements to your mental and physical health, memory, relationships, productivity, and so much more.

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  • How We Help Kids: Neuroplasticity

  • Influences

  • Family & Friends

Our kids journals activate 'neuroplasticity' - which refers to our brain's ability to modify, change, and adapt to gently break negative habits, and replace them with positive ones.

Kids Journals

Books are highly influential for human beings of all ages - but they are especially magical for young children who generally possess a high level of imagination than adults do.


The influence and support of a parent or carer plays a vital role during a child's mental and emotional development. Here are some activities which are excellent for you to do with your child.

With kids, for kids


    The Foundation

    From dating, to building a family with marriage, children and pets - it begins with a healthy and happy core.

    Couples Journals


    Fertility, grief, loss, abundant joy. It's all part and parcel of pregnancy journeys. We will help understand yourself through it all.

    Pregnancy Journals

    Hey, Baby

    Excellent heirloom gifts. Record memories and milestones and save important keepsakes from baby's first few years.

    Baby Journals

  • Ready to start? Step 1: Understand Yourself

  • Step 2: Plan Realistically

  • Step 3: Routine Reflections

  • Step 4: Affirmations

Grab your favourite writing tools, and start writing. By writing, you put some structure and organization to those anxious feelings. It helps you unearth buried feelings, understand them, process them, and it helps you overcome them.


Planners help you develop a plan through analysis of your current skills and strengths. They help you strategise based on the identification of your goals.


Reflections can be elaborate and beautiful in notebooks. However, very often as city-folks, we rarely have the time to commit and be consistent. These brilliant prompt journals will guide your though it within minutes!


Affirmations have the power to motivate you to act on certain things, help you to concentrate on achieving your goals in life, give you the power to change your negative thinking patterns and replace them with positive thinking patterns, assist you in accessing a new belief system

Affirmation Cards

I didn't know how to start my journalling process. Ann was very helpful in helping me narrow down to what I want to overcome and was able to offer product solutions to meet my needs. Thank you!

Mel N

Got this journal for my husband who hates talking about feelings, and he LOVED it.


Once every 2 to 3 months I visit Revel to check on new ideas to help my children maintain a good balance with their feelings. I love that Ann is very knowledgable and so helpful!

Helene, Mom to 3

Big gracias to Ann. We were running late, she not only waited but never made us feel bad. Instead, she spent time helping us pick the perfect gift!


Every once in a while you meet a business you know is built on pure passion. That's what Revel is. Its beautiful website is helpful. the store and owner is charming and inviting.

Penelope Park