Here to help you live a happier life, every day.

Launched in 2020 as a retail store by a Certified Specialist in Positive Psychology, Revel has evolved to become a lifestyle brand and education company that focuses on making mental wellbeing accessible and attainable. We’re not your average self-help gurus; we’re your partners in crime, your cheerleaders, and your fellow adventurers on the rollercoaster of life. Get ready to dive into our curated collection of tools, resources, and wisdom that will have you saying, “Who knew mental health efforts could be this much fun?” 

Meet the Founder

I’m a quirky blend of a classic INFP with a touch of Leo energy. At age 20, I embarked on a career that involved teaching children until I faced the heartache of a mid-term pregnancy loss, a turning point that marked a significant shift for me. Some years later, psychology found its way into my life when I become a mom— prompting me to face my inner struggles head-on. After years of independent learning, I took the leap into a specialized program and committed to nurturing my passion through Revel.

What’s your story?

Ann Thomas

We’re big on individuality.

Celebrating uniqueness lies at the heart of our philosophy. We’re all about embracing our quirks and individuality. If this resonates with you, our mission is to ignite your journey towards developing a profound understanding of authentic happiness.

Moreover, our goal is to equip you with the means and wisdom to chart a course towards that realm of happiness.

Help you identify your true sources of joy.

Each of us holds a unique lens through which we view happiness, shaped by the experiences of our life, starting from our earliest memories. We’re here to guide you in pinpointing what happiness truly entails for you.

the science to your happiness.

We rope the principles of happiness science as a guiding force on your journey towards your desired destination of genuine happiness.

Teach you how to sustain a happy life.

Using easy to understand methods, tutorials and beautiful content, we are determined to share simplified techniques that help sustain and grow and happiness.