Don't be pushed around by fears.

Be the reason you smile.

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It’s also a wonderful tool to help you achieve any goal you set.

3 Habits That Will Transform Your Life [Pt.3]

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A fast-paced world is not everyone’s cup of tea. There will be some who love the thrill of a rat race, but on the other hand,  you’ll also come across people who feel overwhelmed instead. And this lost feeling is totally justified – after all, we’re part of this drudgery where everyone is expected to […]

Anxiety and Journaling – How Journaling Can Help Manage Emotional Triggers

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Someone once told me that there are 3 things a person can do that are guaranteed to change their life.

3 Habits That Will Transform Your Life

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Gratitude is the choice we make to focus on & celebrate the gifts found in our everyday experiences – and the choice we make to not resent what we lack.

Omission of ‘traditional’ holidays to respect the diverse family structures, support systems and individual beings.

The 2023 Gratitude Planner

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revel 2023 gratitude planner singapore

The reason we sometimes can’t see eye to eye with others is simple. Our lenses don’t match. But while you can’t change someone else reality, you can certainly control yours.

What Is Your Reality?

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There are many ‘regular’ words in my vocabulary which my son finds vulgar, rude or offensive. “Speak nicer words, Mummy,” he’d say.  So I glad put in a lot of effort to remove them from my daily usage. Thanks to this, I tend to speak a lot nicer and kinder than I used to. Neuroplasticity […]

Around 20% of adults are what scientists call chronic procrastinators. It’s actually a more common condition than alcoholism, panic attacks, or depression. Yet we tend to trivialise procrastination.

You’re Not To Blame For Doing It

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