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While the idea of carrying the entirety of human knowledge in your left pocket sounds pleasing, it doesn’t come without a price. Our brains are getting used to constant overload with the never-ending flood of texts, images, and cute cat videos (I know you watch them too!).

Are We Already Cyborgs?

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2 Primary Usages: Let’s explore some simple techniques and exercises you can use in your own personal writing therapy.

Writing Therapy: To Cultivate Gratitude, You First Need to Understand Yourself

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Join her on a journey from dusk to dawn, complete with quotes, poems, meditations, field guides to different nocturnal flora and fauna, and charts that map out the cosmos.

She’s reading “How to Be a Moonflower”

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And your brain actually believes you can do it.

Today I’m going to reveal the second habit. And I admit… with this one, I’m having some troubles.

3 Habits That Will Transform Your Life (Part 2)

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I thought that the whole point of meditation is to get lost in some crazy cosmic vision or hallucination. I know… but I was young, okay?

3 Habits That Will Transform Your Life (Pt. 1)

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This vibrant workbook helps journalers discover their inner truths, unlock potential, and achieve success.

Never miss a birthday! This perpetual birthday and celebrations by the month calendar on your wall will help you stay on top of all your social events – so you never need to rush a last-minute gift again.

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