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The PERMA Model  represents the five core elements of happiness and well-being. It is natural and human of us to continuously seek for what makes us happy, regardless of our age, orientation, and status in life. 

By Your Powers Combined: Gratitude + Neuroplasticity + Meditation + Writing therapy + PERMA

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Cool, right? It’s wildly popular among productivity and habit-building solutions. Many products and ideas have been built upon neuroplasticity simply because it works.

How to Use Neuroplasticity with Writing Therapy to Build Healthier Habits

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2 Primary Usages: Let’s explore some simple techniques and exercises you can use in your own personal writing therapy.

Writing Therapy: To Cultivate Gratitude, You First Need to Understand Yourself

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Join her on a journey from dusk to dawn, complete with quotes, poems, meditations, field guides to different nocturnal flora and fauna, and charts that map out the cosmos.

For walkers who want to expand their physical and creative worlds through acts of mindfulness.

A Dreamy Guided Journal for Walkers

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Today I’m going to reveal the second habit. And I admit… with this one, I’m having some troubles.

3 Habits That Will Transform Your Life (Part 2)

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I thought that the whole point of meditation is to get lost in some crazy cosmic vision or hallucination. I know… but I was young, okay?

This vibrant workbook helps journalers discover their inner truths, unlock potential, and achieve success.

Your Brightest Life!

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