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May 17, 2022



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The last few days were an absolute hell.

I’ve been suffering from my seasonal allergies, and hay fever makes everything I do that much more depressive.

You think I exaggerate? Pinch your nose and try to breathe for a while!

But I’m 100% to blame for this. I made bad decisions that led to my situation, and now I’m suffering.

There’s a surprisingly good lesson in my suffering, and who knows, maybe it’ll help you avoid the mistakes I made.

I will have to tell you a little story about myself. I promise it’ll be quick and, at most, only slightly boring.

Here it comes…

I wasn’t always allergic.

But, I always was allergic as a child.

Before I was old enough to speak, I’d already had 2 or 3 life-threatening allergic reactions from which I was saved by steroid injections.

And let me say that these injections can make a child a little put off by needles and stuff.

Life got a little easier after I went through a desensitization procedure. It works by exposing the body to whatever it’s overreacting to and gradually increasing the dosage until the body knows it doesn’t hurt it.

After that, I had a long run of about 10 years when allergies were just an old nightmare from the past. I almost forgot I ever had them.

It all ended when I experienced the first major stress in my adult life. Surprisingly my allergies came back. It turns out mental health affects our bodies. (But we already know that, don’t we?)

It all came back. Itchy eyes, hay fever, and headaches all over again.

On the bright side, it was no longer life-threatening. Just hella annoying.

A reasonable person would be to go through the desensitization procedure again. But not for me!

I didn’t (and still don’t) like the idea of needles getting anywhere in the proximity of my body.

Instead, I decided to research the topic and find my own solution.

And that’s what I did. I’ve read a lot of books and articles and watched videos about nutrition and medicine until, finally, I came up with a diagnosis.

My allergies were directly linked to my gut health.

And it was true I DID eat a lot of crap these days.

So I decided to conduct a “lifelong” experiment and heal myself from within…

Fast forward some time to the year 2020, when I finally succeeded.

For the first time in my life, I didn’t experience any negative symptoms of my allergies, AND I didn’t have to use any medication.

My diet was spot-on. I exercised and meditated. I was healthy.

And that’s when my downfall started. I started to forget how bad I felt before.

Slowly I stopped caring about my diet, and I started to eat more and more fast foods and processed sugars.

Unconsciously and very stupidly, I was undermining all the progress I’ve built throughout these years.

Until, to my biggest surprise, I’ve managed to very painfully remind myself how much I hate hay fever.

So here I am, cursing myself for what I’ve done and trying to tell you this:

Don’t let your comfort and victories take away the progress you’ve made.

Sometimes it’s better to remember the pain, even if only to keep it away.

And if you’ve stayed with me until the end of this story, thank you, you’re the best!



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