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Embarking on a Mindful Creative Journey: Conversations with Sarah, Founder of Studio Poppy

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We’re thrilled to introduce you to someone whose vision and insights resonate deeply with the art of self-care and creative exploration. Our recent chat with Sarah, the ingenious mind behind Studio Poppy, left us both inspired and invigorated. Sarah’s approach to nurturing creativity parallels the careful cultivation of a garden. Her insights reflect the profound connection between creative expression and mental well-being. Let’s delve into our heart-to-heart with Sarah to discover how engaging in creative endeavors can be a transformative journey, much like tending to the lush landscapes of our minds.

Ann: Can you share a bit about your background and journey? How did you discover your passion for working with flowers and the connection it has to nurturing the mind?

Sarah: My name is Sarah Lim and Studio Poppy has been my baby since year 2000.  It has been twenty over years since.  When I first started doing flowers, I had this prompting that I want to change the way the world perceives flowers and nature.  My commitment lies in making this magic from Nature accessible to all, promoting the deep and strong benefits of flowers and plants, and advocating for a healthier, more connected world (through nature, not artificial intelligence).

I will also invite my people to join me on this journey, to experience the ‘Magic of Flowers’, and to help in changing the world, one flower or one plant at a time.

Being a florist for a couple of years, I decide to further my studies in the UK to pursue botanical art.  In this major, I developed a seriousness and am deeply engrossed in knowing each and every species from Mother Nature.  I love painting them as it keep me close to the flower and leaves.  To paint them realistically, I have to get connected, study and observe them.  It has been a joy.

Ann: How do you believe the artistry and creativity involved in your work can inspire others to cultivate creativity in their own lives, possibly through journaling or self-expression in a gratitude planner?

Sarah: For myself, since the day I picked up botanical art to paint flowers and nature, that has been my journaling ideal.

In addition, to advocate the art of floral arrangement & paintings, I love to share and inspire my flower knowledge and experiences through hand on workshops that focus on giving in-depth tutelage while encouraging and supporting students to investigate and develop their voice in finding nature.

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Ann: As someone who works closely with nature and flowers, how do you believe the act of tending to plants parallels with self-care and personal growth for individuals?

Sarah: I fully and totally agree to that fact. The way one tends to nature should be the same as one cares for oneself.  For example, if you know you need to drink fresh and clean water frequently, so do your plants and cut flowers, if you need to stay in a clean and bright environment, so do your flowers and plants. Hence, it is not hard to care for nature to be honest, you care for them as you do for your own being.

Ann: Do you have any personal rituals or practices involving flowers or gardening that you feel contribute to your own well-being and emotional balance?

Sarah: I do gardening. Gardening not only is a low intensity workout that keeps your heart healthy, you will feel super relax when you spend time in the garden. Taking in fresh air and having earth running through your fingers.

So I spend twice a week tending in my garden. This practise reconnects me to the cycle of Nature. When I am in the garden, I learn to slow down, focus on the gardening activity and loses myself in the zone. When fully engaged with Nature, you naturally release all stress and all your senses are awaken. I believe strongly that Nature is an extension for men and holds the key to health, an affinity that we, modern, high stress people need to restore.

Ann: The act of giving and receiving flowers is often associated with heartfelt sentiments. How do you believe gratitude journaling can deepen connections with loved ones and foster a sense of emotional nourishment?

Sarah: I think keeping a log of what we are thankful and grateful for is amazing for emotional health. It brings about heartfelt sentiments like what flowers do too. I strongly believe heartfelt gratitude journaling is a great way to give appreciation and definitely provides emotional nourishment.  It not only helps us focus on our blessings, it also makes us so much happier and will contribute greatly to a healthier being.

Ann: Are there any particular gardening symbolism or practices that resonate with the concept of cultivating gratitude and embracing positivity, which you think could inspire the practice of gratitude?

Sarah: The act of Gardening is a symbol of caring. It is a perfect metaphor for our human “process” – LIFE, BEAUTY, DEATH, DECAY, REBIRTH.   The concept of gratitude and positivity is pretty much the same as how we plant seeds, tend to the young plants, feed them, nurture them and watch them grow. CARE is the central of our existence which is true to gardening.

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We hope Sarah’s insights have inspired you as much as they’ve inspired us. Remember, just as a garden flourishes with care, so does your creativity and well-being. Let’s nurture our minds and hearts together!

Stay tuned for more transformative conversations and discoveries.

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