Ever faced tough times and wondered how you made it through? Our resilience affirmation cards hold the answers. Crafted with care, each one tells a story of overcoming obstacles and finding inner strength.

Find Your Resilience Affirmation: Each Card Holds Your Power

Embrace the calming colours and gentle designs of nature on every card. They’re not just pretty—they’re reminders that you’re stronger than you think. Use them as bookmarks, decorations, or keep them close for when you need a boost.

Made for You: Cards to Guide You Through Tough Times

Whether life’s throwing curveballs or you’re feeling lost, our resilience affirmation cards are here for you. They’re a reminder that you’ve got what it takes to bounce back, no matter what life throws your way.


    • Size: A6 (105mm x 148mm)
    • Material: Luxurious 250gsm smooth cardstock.
    • Design: Adorned with enchanting botanical illustrations in opulent jewel tones, each card is a masterpiece that radiates soulful charm.
    • Origin: Made in Singapore

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