Don't be pushed around by fears.

Be the reason you smile.

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It’s also a wonderful tool to help you achieve any goal you set.

3 Habits That Will Transform Your Life [Pt.3]

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The PERMA Model  represents the five core elements of happiness and well-being. It is natural and human of us to continuously seek for what makes us happy, regardless of our age, orientation, and status in life. 

By Your Powers Combined: Gratitude + Neuroplasticity + Meditation + Writing therapy + PERMA

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While the idea of carrying the entirety of human knowledge in your left pocket sounds pleasing, it doesn’t come without a price. Our brains are getting used to constant overload with the never-ending flood of texts, images, and cute cat videos (I know you watch them too!).

Are We Already Cyborgs?

Keepers' Stories

2 Primary Usages: Let’s explore some simple techniques and exercises you can use in your own personal writing therapy.