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The unusual connection between Easter table and your brain

April 27, 2022



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(Raise your hand if you’ve ever solved a burning problem while enjoying your hot shower.)

My recent revelation came to me quite unexpectedly when I hid in my cousin’s room, trying to avoid my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. It’s just that, sometimes, when too many people try to talk simultaneously, it creates a very unpleasant radio-like chatter. Combine that with a decent amount of holiday reunions and small talk, and you can imagine why a quiet introvert like me chose to seek comfort in some peaceful setting.

And then, when I was sitting in that bedroom, playing with a grey cat named Jason (My perfect companion), something came to me. Yes, I could barely hear muffled voices, but now, a mad chatter was going on in my mind. It’s funny cause even though we don’t always pay attention to it, I’m pretty sure this noise is always there fighting for our attention.

Last week I told you about how you can use the practice of writing to improve your thought process and think deeper. Here’s another benefit to add to that list. Writing down your thoughts helps to suck them out of your mind and quiet the noise. If you’re a constant thinker like me, you know how priceless these moments of silence can be. But what really excites me is how my thoughts and ideas start changing and evolving once I pour them on paper.

We get our best ideas in the most unexpected situations.

Think about it.

When the idea is still in your head, it’s hard to concentrate on it with dozens of other thoughts fighting for your attention. But once it’s on paper, it’s crystallised. It’s there. It’s not going anywhere, so now you can concentrate and think about it. Yes, think about your thoughts. And write them down too! Often you’ll be surprised to find out what you’re really thinking. Try playing with your thoughts, you’ll never know where they can get you. And you’ll never be bored again.

Have a wonderfully pleasant day,


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