I never thought I could have a normal, regular relationship with myself, or others.

👀 Sounds familiar? There is no one-size fits all solution to almost anything in life - so why should you road to wellness by any different? 

SInce 2018, I've been on a mission to help people start simple, start somewhere, and flourish in life.

I help people understand their emotions. Process their emotions, and take the next step towards a healthier outlook in life.

Our minds say a lot about us. Knowing what our thoughts are influenced by is important, and so is the value of being transparent with yourself. It makes you happier and healthier. 

Granted we're living in this digital age where our thoughts are sometimes paraphrased to come across trendy to our followers. And I'm not judging you if that's what you're doing. But don't make this mistake in your personal journey with growth and wellness.There are few gentle interventions that increase our quality of life. There's a reason why happier people are the stronger ones. And you can be too. The key is in realising that you don't get there by imitating them. So, start slow. You first need to have a deep understanding of self. Who you are, what's influenced you, and where do you want your journey to bring you?

wasting time... money... beating themselves up... and getting zero results.

I see too many people stuck with journals that aren't helping... 

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Not exactly a baby at a ripe old age of 11 now, he's my biggest inspiration and struggle rolled in one!

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Nothing quite like surrounding myself and my loved ones with reminders to be kind with self.

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My daily check-ins. I spend mere moments writing in them, but there's a lot of reflections before I reach for my book.

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With a little initial discipline, you can make gratitude a way of life that requires little effort to maintain. Usually, 3 to 4 weeks all the time you need to make a habit automatic. If you can make it through the initial conditioning phase, it becomes much easier.

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