💪 65 guided workouts

2️⃣ Workouts target 2 muscle groups

⚡️ Built for lifters of all levels

⏱️ Each workout takes 45-60 minutes

🎯 Clear number of reps to aim for

🔥 Pyramid-style workouts

📖 Detailed exercise index

✅ No thinking required

How the Bodyweight Home Workout Journal works.

📖 Step One: Learning It starts with a 50-page crash course on the science and principles behind getting real results from using your body weight for lifting and nutrition.

🎯Step Two: Following the Workouts and Tracking Your Progress Each day you start, familiarize yourself with the exercises for each day’s workout and simply follow what it tells you to do. After each set, you complete, write in the number of completed reps.

🍿Step Three: Weekly Content Every week you get content aimed at keeping you motivated, challenging you to prepare and find better ways to increase the intensity, and increasing your understanding of how to get the best results.