The LIFE&Style Planner is your tool to manifest your goals and create your dream life – one page at a time. Whether you’re at home, in-flight, or grabbing a coffee, the LIFE&Style Planner will guide you to the best version of yourself and help you define your personal style. It combines smart planning, and mindful journaling, while simultaneously inspiring you to dream big. Carefully curated to bring positive thinking, personal growth, everyday happiness and style inspiration to your life.

  • Intention Setting for 90 Days: Envision your life and style for the next three months, focusing on lifestyle objectives, work-related goals, self-development, and wellness targets.
  • Weekly Lifestyle Goal Mapping: Organise your week with clear style and life priorities. Craft a week that’s both memorable and balanced, ensuring you’re always aligned with your purpose.
  • Mindful Daily Planning: Begin and end each day with intentional reflection. Gratitude, detailed scheduling, and highlights become your daily pillars, setting the tone for a fulfilling day.
  • Progressive Weekly Reviews: At the end of each week, dive into a review. Highlight favorite moments, assess progress, and record your achievements and lessons. Perfect for preparing for the week ahead.
  • Inspiration at Your Fingertips: Elevate each week with tailored life and style insights, in-depth guides, and reflective prompts to keep you motivated and aligned with your dream life.


  • 100% recycled, compostable, and FSC certified paper
  • 3 months of daily planning
  • Bound in 100% natural cotton cover fabric
  • 100% cotton sew bind
  • One 100% cotton ribbon
  • A5, measures approx 5.7” / 14.8cmW x 8.26” / 21cmH
  • Undated, lasts 3 months
  • 251 pages
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Pink, White