Mindfulness has become a buzzword today, cropping up everywhere from schools to hospitals to yoga classes to corporate board meetings. But what is mindfulness, exactly? What are its benefits? Why has it become so popular? And–perhaps most importantly–how can you incorporate mindfulness into your own life, especially if you’ve never tried it before?

In the sleek and beautiful Mindfulness: A Journal, award-winning author Catherine Price (also the author of the best-selling Gratitude: A Journal and Vitamania: How Vitamins Revolutionized the Way We Think About Food) demystifies mindfulness and helps readers take the first steps toward establishing their own mindfulness practices. After a brief introduction to mindfulness and its frequent partner, mindfulness-based meditation, the journal gently guides readers through a series of writing prompts, exercises and inspirational quotes. It ends with a list of recommended resources, ranging from books to apps to in-person and virtual mindfulness classes, that readers can turn to if they wish to deepen their practice.

A perfect and thoughtful gift, Mindfulness: A Journal is designed to provide a structured, clear and un-intimidating introduction to mindfulness that anyone can use. Beautifully designed and a pleasure to write in, it has the capacity to truly change people’s lives.