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Revel and GML Gallery Wraps Up the Final Gratitude Workshop for the Year, with Science of Wellness in Mind

Revel and GML Gallery wrapped up their final gratitude workshop for the year. They organized the event to celebrate the launch of their gratitude planner, and share the science of wellness with their participants.

The organizers at Revel and GML Gallery wanted to create an experience that was both fun and educational. They knew that sharing a delicious meal with friends was a great way to foster meaningful conversations, and they wanted to do something special as they closed out their first year of events.

And so they did! MERCI MARCEL provided a beautiful setting for the workshop, serving delicious food as attendees engaged in stimulating conversations.

We are thankful for MERCI MARCEL, our hosts for the gratitude workshop. We had a wonderful time sharing the science of wellness, and eating delicious food. It was a beautiful experience with good food and wonderful people, and the most supportive hosts.