A guided journal that helps you understand the importance of an intentional evening routine and good sleep hygiene.

💡 Daily thought-provoking, informative & actionable content

✅ A Comprehensive Daily Tracking System: Set & track your sleep target, lights-out time, ways to improve your sleep, your evening routine, & answer questions to improve the quality of your life

⏱ 5 minutes a day


This journal is a life coach, accountability partner, & teacher in one. It provides the perfect research-based strategy for becoming intentional about your evenings & teaches you everything you need to know about the habit-building process.

⚡️Curated Content: Each day you’ll get new bite-sized, actionable content that you can apply immediately to improve the way you approach your evenings.

👫External Support: Enjoying a healthy source of outside accountability to keep you inspired & receive the information/knowledge you need.

🎯Tracking Your Progress: Track your evenings with essential metrics. Create momentum through building streaks. Become conscious of the benefits you’re realizing even when they start feeling normal.


Built with a beautifully crafted 100% vegan cover that’s textured to the touch.