How to Use the Five Minute Journal

Morning: Start your day with a few minutes of gratitude and reflection. Write down three things you’re grateful for and three things you want to achieve that day.

Evening: Before bed, reflect on your day and write down three things that went well and one thing you could improve tomorrow.

Benefits of the Five Minute Journal

  • Increased happiness: Gratitude has been shown to boost happiness and reduce stress.
  • Improved productivity: When you have clear intentions for the day, you’re more likely to stay focused and achieve your goals.
  • Enhanced self-awareness: Reflection can help you learn from your experiences and make better choices in the future.
  • Reduced stress: By writing down your thoughts and feelings, you can process them in a healthy way and let go of any negative energy.
  • Increased creativity: Journaling can help you to generate new ideas and solve problems more effectively.

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  • 100% linen fabric hardcover
  • 268 pages
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