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What Is Your Reality?

August 25, 2022



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Every single human being on the planet holds its own subjective experience.

It’s what we call reality.

This reality helps us navigate life and dictates which things we consider real and which we cast away as absurd.

Think of it this way.

Your reality is a lens through which you see the world.

This lens is shaped through all the experiences you’ve had in life, your beliefs, values, and also your upbringing and genetic makeup.

Naturally, every person holds a different lens shaped by their own life experience.

The reason we sometimes can’t see eye to eye with others is simple. Our lenses don’t match.

But while you can’t change someone else reality, you can certainly control yours.

As conscious creatures, we have an amazing ability to be aware of our own perceptions.

We’re aware that we’re aware.

Thanks to that fact, you are in control of your lens. You can shape it by shaping the values, beliefs, and judgments you see the world through.

This is the real power of human consciousness. The ability to control our own experience of the outside world.

The ability to shape our own reality.

So here’s an amazing exercise for you.

Grab your journal, set aside 15 minutes, and try to write down 5 limiting beliefs you have.

They can be things like “I’m not good enough to succeed” or “I can’t keep a healthy diet for long.” Don’t focus too much on trying to come up with specific beliefs. They will come to you on their own.

We’re often completely unaware of the limiting thought we hold in our subconscious, and this exercise is perfect for bringing them up to your awareness.

Once you’re aware of something, you have the power to change it.

Now for each bad belief you’ve written down, write one that you would like to have, one that would empower you.

Imagine how it would feel to be a person with that belief.

Imagine how you would think and behave, and feel the joy of being that person and…

…there you have it.

Even if for just a few seconds, you’ve just created a completely different reality.

“What reality,” you might say, “I was just imagining things!”

That’s true, but if you’ve managed to feel the emotions of happiness and joy, you’ve made your imagination so real that your own body believed it!

It reacted to it as if it were real because everything that comes from the mind is real for the human body.

Your body doesn’t know the difference between imaginary and real experience!

The best thing is that once you’ve experienced the new reality you created, your brain registers it as real and starts forming a new belief.

And ultimately, what you believe is your reality.

Never underestimate that power.

Kasper L.

Newsletter Editor at Revel, Kasper brings his warmth and genuine sincerity to his weekly emails to our subscribers. If salesy emails are your thing – you’ll be disappointed. Writing life lessons from a purely humanistic point of view, Kasper wows us weekly with his simple, but deeply thought-provoking emails.


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