The journal is structured in 4 sections:

PART 1: Adventure awaits: to record events such as the baby shower, add pregnancy photos and scans, tell the story of how you found out you were pregnant, how you have come to narrow down the list of possible baby names and to record everything about the birth (and more!).

PART 2: My first year: To record your baby’s first 4 weeks and each following month up to their first birthday. How they’ve changed and what memories you made together.

PART 3: Reach for the stars: This is the section of the journal where you can record every milestone. Such as their first trip outside, their first bath, holiday, New Year, tooth, haircut, step, and much more! There’s also room for you to add pictures of their first house and what their nursery looks like.

PART 4: Growing up fast: This final section is dedicated to recording all their birthdays and likes/dislikes up until age 5. Including their first day of school. There are also blank pages for you to add content specific to your child.

The perfect baby memory book for new parents or soon-to-be parents, to record all the special milestones of your newborn baby (from pregnancy to the first 5 years). From pregnancy pictures to their first day of school, this keepsake memory book will help you keep track of all the important moments to remember in years to come. 12 covers to choose from, including 3 luxury cloth ones, there’s a perfect journal for every baby.

From pregnancy: Start your baby journal by adding your pregnancy photos and ultrasound scans. What a beautiful way of remembering such a special time.

Everything about the birth: You’ll find lots of space for jotting down facts and memories about the birth. From who cut the cord to what song was number 1 in the charts.

Little hands and feet: Make sure to pack your journal in your hospital bag so you can take handprints and footprints of your little one as soon as possible.

Monthly record pages: To remember all the special moments together and the numerous changes your baby will go through, use the prompted monthly pages (up to 12 months).

Blank pages: Blank pages throughout for adding special photos or for extra writing space. Make this journal truly yours and your baby’s.

All the milestones: Record all of your baby’s milestones in one place. Make sure to write everything down before you forget, they grow up so fast!


  • Our pregnancy pictures
  • Our scan pictures
  • The baby shower
  • The story of my name
  • Love at first sight
  • I am here
  • On the day I was born
  • Our family tree
  • My first four weeks
  • Monthly spreads
  • My first birthday
  • Birthday wishes
  • Memories
  • My first home
  • My first night at home
  • My first bath
  • My first trip outside
  • My handprint and footprint
  • My nursery
  • All about me
  • My first holiday
  • My first tooth
  • My first haircut
  • My first Christmas
  • All my milestones
  • My first New Year
  • My first day at nursery
  • My second birthday
  • My third birthday
  • My fourth birthday
  • My fifth birthday
  • My first day of school
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